Experimentelle Kurzfilme 1974/75



Bastian Clevé, an experimental filmmaker from West Germany, is doing some of the most innovative work done in that country. Using superimposition and colour, Clevé’s screen is alive with images popping in and out and reappearing in changing patterns originally seen only in computer films. Employing in-the-camera editing, Clevé manipulates up to 77 images per frame. Particularly notable, is his complex visual music – in the dance of light, the flickering images change

colour, become simple then more complex, with incredible economy and subtlety...” (1975)

Schau ins Land   (1975, 10 Min.)

Nachtwache   (1975, 9:40 Min.)

Lichtblick   (1975, 13:05 Min.)

Götterdämmerung   (1974/75, 10:33 Min.)

Wolkenpfad   (1975, 27 Min.)

Seelig   (1975, 9:28 Min.)


Musik: Klaus Schulze, Gesamtlaufzeit: 81 Min.


Vorgestellt von Bastian Clevé